Balancing the “C”s to Stay Afloat

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Turn and face the strange Ch-ch-changes Don’t want to be a richer man Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes Turn and face the strange Ch-ch-changes Just gonna have to be a different man Time may change me But I can’t trace time

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Time may change me…and I’ll do what I can to change time and how I deal with it.

This past year brought more changes than constants into my life. Not that change is bad, far from it. Changes prevent stagnation. Constants hold us together. Keeping a balance of the “C”s keeps me afloat in the turbulence that life so generously tosses my way.

One of the biggest changes rearranged my living habits to the point where I haven’t been able to get a writing routine re-established. For the previous three and a half years I drove over 120 miles a day to get to work and back. That stole a good three “productive” hours of my day, but it gave me back those same three hours as brainstorming and reflection time. There were many “slow” days at my previous job, where I could get some of my thoughts written out, work on story lines, or a poem or idea for a play that would come to me as I drove. When I got home, I had time in the evening to flesh things out a bit.

My new job flipped my day. I work at two different sites, one just fifteen minutes away, the other less than five. I don’t get home until nearly 8 or 9 three nights a week. My shorter commute gives me less time to work on ideas. By the time I get home, all I want to do is have a light dinner and go to sleep. Technically, I have more time in the morning…but I am still working on getting used to using that time. I usually spend it doing whatever household chores I can, running errands, and, yes, I will admit to an occasional nap…how else can I make it through a nine hour work day? Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, the who, the what, the where, and the why, and the how…just not the when.

But, I am working on it. For a while I would write a little while watching tv, but my husband rearranged the house to give me a proper office. It’s great, except when I’m in there I can’t multi-task like I used to. No more watching tv while cooking, cleaning, typing, etc. It’s all on or all off the computer.

Of course, there are my constants. I still multi-task while writing…email, Facebook, phone calls…I still think, plot, and take pictures while driving, but not nearly as much or enough. I still meet with my writing friends on a regular basis. I still try to figure out how to bend time. And the main constant for me is change.

Today I was supposed to babysit my new grandson while my daughter went back to work. My younger daughter was supposed to come home from college tonight for an early morning appointment, so I was going to skip a meeting tonight. I was called to go to work today, so can’t babysit. (Good thing Older Daughter had a “Plan B”.) Younger Daughter can’t make it home, so I have to cancel her appointment. But, now I can go to my regularly scheduled meeting.

The chaos of my life…keeping the balance between constants and change much as Winter and Spring struggle in the battle of the change of seasons. Spring is finally winning. Bring on the dandelions!Image

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